The Graph reached mainnet!

Delegate to us and earn GRT tokens from indexing rewards and query fees.

Let your Celo coins work for you!

Keep your money safely locked in your wallet while making more money through our staking service. There is no risk in voting, because your money never leaves your wallet.

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Our philosophy

Our company is founded on these key principles. They are also the reasons why people trust us.

Enterprise-Level Security

Our security is based on industry best practices.

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Highly available

Our top priority is ensure that our services are always running correctly.

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With us you can always feel at home.

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Easy Setup

We keep the setup very easy for you. Anyone can join with few clicks.

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100% Satistified

Our mission is to make our customers 100% happy.

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We are partnering with other staking companies to ensure best practices.

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Staking Networks

We provide staking for following Networks.

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Celo is building a monetary system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all. Their stablecoin uses phone numbers as identity and is built on a secure and proven platform.


The Celo network just started and we are developing an easy option on how to start voting and making money. You can follow us on .


The Graph

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, making data easily accessible.

We are proud to finish the Graph testnet phase TOP 5 in earnings (thanks to the correct allocation balancing to maximize indexing rewards).
We don’t want to change rewards and fee cut % drastically. We aim to build a trustworthy and stable position so delegators feel confident in us. We didn’t choose to set any cooldown period yet because we are still considering to change cuts dynamically based on delegation amount. That way, the delegators would always earn the same percentage regardless of the total delegated sum.


You can delegate GRT token to us in the Explorer. Search indexers by id 0xa543abe0ea61b4bbbca3f402442bda4bf7d45992 or find us by our name swiftstaking.eth.

Note: All delegations to any indexer are subject to a 0.5% fee (GRT tokens are burned during the delegation process). To undelegate, you have to wait 28 days before your funds are accessible again.


Our servers run in collocation with high security, redundancies, and in multiple geolocations.


Video-monitored, high-security perimeter which surrounds the entire data center park.

Multiple geolocations

Data centers in Germany and Finland.

Highly Available

Multiple redundant internet connections.
The uninterrupted power supply with a 15-minute backup battery capacity and emergency diesel-generated power.

About Us


Who are we

We are a team of young and enthusiastic people with many years of IT experience.

Our Mission

We want to offer an easy way into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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Our Partners

We cooperate with following staking providers.



HappyTezos.com is trusted staking provider operating on multiple blockchains.

Founder, HappyTezos.com.
“The team at swiftstaking is doing a great job at providing their staking service. They are using the best practices to ensure enterprise-level security and providing a highly available setup.”